Babas and Borshch


The 2017 festival will take place in Lamont, AB, August 26-27, 2017. Save the date!

This FREE Festival honours and celebrates the very best of the Ukrainian culture – food, history, religion, arts and music – through a fun, hip approach.

Babas and Borshch made a spectacular appearance on the tourism and event scene of Alberta in the summer of 2013, with the August 25-26 festival in Andrew, AB. Festival coordinator Hazel Anaka and countless volunteers were responsible for the incredible success of the Ukrainian festival, which was a finalist in the 2013 Alto Awards. Their tireless work and admirable dedication will undoubtedly ensure that the festival continues to be bigger and better every year.

This is a must-see event for both visitors and residents of Lamont County.

For more information about the festival visit their website: