About Lamont County

As the centre of a vast agricultural and oil and gas producing region, Lamont County is prospering and growing. We’re proud of our community and welcome you to share it with us, either as an investor or a new citizen. We invite you to come and explore the opportunities that await you.

Lamont County has an area of 2,474 sq km (955 sq miles) and is home to (encompasses) three towns, two villages, and the hamlets of Star, Hilliard, St. Michael, and Wostock. The population is as follows*:

  • Lamont County (rural and hamlets): 3,754
  • Town of Bruderheim: 1,329
  • Town of Lamont: 1,744
  • Town of Mundare: 689
  • Village of Andrew: 366
  • Village of Chipman: 246

*based on the 2021 Statistics Canada Census population data.

Lamont County is nestled in the Beaver Hills and is proud to boast attractions such as:

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